Finding the Best Hotels in Portland Oregon: Our Top 10 Picks

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Travel is one of those activities that has many faces. Some travel for business, some for pleasure, others out of necessity. One of the only common factors we can find between the variety of traveler needs is a good hotel room, a warm bed, and a good night’s sleep.

You can get that in just about any hotel in the nation, spend a little more money and you can get those essentials dressed up a bit, but if you spend the bare minimum, you are still promised those minimum hotel provisions.

So rather than spend the time reading over basic reviews for standard hotel chains for minimal cost, we wanted to look over some of the best hotels in Portland without the need of extolling the virtues of the “common standbys”.

Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with the smaller chains by the airport or out in the suburbs, but when you’re visiting a new city, it’s good to spend some time in a quality hotel that offers you a little more decor.

And if you take a look at these offerings, you’ll see that even though we mention a few rather fancy properties, “better hotels” don’t always automatically equate to “expensive fares”.

Downtown Portland is split into a few distinctly different districts but it all meshes together into a grid of quaint city streets, fantastic parks, friendly shops, active music, and sports scene, and of course, many beautiful hotels to choose from when staying in Portland.

The city offers eclectic dining options on nearly every corner, bars and restaurants are everywhere. Your hotel choice is wide open from the stately and regal, to the relaxed and unusual. Many properties in Portland are pet-friendly, most offer dining options in-house.

Once you check-in, you’ll understand why any place you pick in Portland is going to suit you just fine as you could select any of these showcased properties and find yourself in one of the best hotels in Portland.

The Best Hotels in Portland Oregon

Below are our picks for the top 10 best hotels in Portland Oregon. To snap directly to a specific location, please click the corresponding link in the list below.

  1. The Nines, A Luxury Collection Hotel
  2. Sentinel
  3. The Duniway Portland
  4. Hi-Lo Hotel, Autograph Collection
  5. The Benson Portland
  6. Hotel Lucia
  7. The Heathman Hotel
  8. Royal Sonesta Portland
  9. The Porter Portland
  10. Hotel deLuxe

10. The Nines, A Luxury Collection Hotel

portland-hotels the nines a luxury collection hotel

Immediately contributing to the Portland sensibilities of re-theming buildings rather than tearing them down, The Nines occupies the magnificent building previously built for the Meier & Frank department store in 1909.

This fancy and fashionable structure has the perfect facade for a luxury hotel and while they maintain the old charm of the historic building, everything within the walls is modern and updated.

A variety of guest rooms are available for your stay at one of the best hotels in Portland, the Superior, and Deluxe rooms come with king or dual queen beds and have fantastic atrium or city side views.

The suites step up the luxury with more spectacular views and more spacious rooms to spread out and enjoy your stay. The Hospitality Suite is perfect for entertaining, or upgrade to the Nines Suite or Meier & Frank Suite, which both have full dining rooms and butler kitchens!

If you’re not looking to cook or cater while staying at The Nines, you can enjoy fine meals without leaving the building as the Departure Restaurant and Lounge is one of the city’s greatest pan-Asian restaurants, and just across the lounge is the Urban Farmer Steakhouse, one of Portland’s premier dining establishments boasting the finest ingredients and an eco-friendly experience.

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525 SW Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon 97204

9. Sentinel

portland hotels sentinel

Conveniently located less than a block from one of Portland’s ground transportation hubs, The Sentinel Hotel is easy to get to and centrally located to everything making this one of the best hotels in Portland when you want to see it all.

Housed within an elegant building dating back to Portland’s early heyday, Sentinel makes the most of this stately and beautiful presentation.

Large entertainment and meeting rooms make Sentinel one of the best event locations in the city. Rooms at Sentinel are spacious and clean, the Deluxe and Premier rooms are better than some suites at other properties.

While the Parlor Suites and Terrace Rooms each offer that familiar warmth of home while maintaining a regal class of hotel living. Fine decorations and fashionable color choices make these rooms comfortable to live and work in during your stay and the views from the top floor are splendid. When you want a break from it all, check out “The Room at the End of the Hall”, a quiet library and lounge.

Get your fill of Oregon’s top wineries at Domaine Serene Wine Lounge, or head up to Jake’s Grill, a simple name for one of the more popular hangouts in the area. The lunch and dinner menus are full of hearty fare and the wine list rivals the neighboring lounge itself.

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614 SW 11th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97205

8. The Duniway Portland

portland hotels the duniway portland

You have come to think of the Hilton series of hotels to be a high-class and elite stay, and while this is still true of the Duniway, this property is dressed down as a boutique hotel.

The Duniway Portland includes a warmer appearance than the professional hotels that come to mind when you think of Hilton.

One block from Portland’s self-proclaimed “Living Room” of the Pioneer Courthouse Square, there is always something grassroots happening at the Duniway and this exciting hotel fits in with the locale, while still catering to a fine stay.

Experiencing a complete remodel and re-theme in 2017, this old favorite in the area is one of the best hotels in Portland and remains a great place to stay when living up the Portland lifestyle. The rooms are decorated in a chic retro style but maintain an elegance that remains clean.

The heated indoor pool is a year-round treat, and the 11th-floor rooftop courtyard offers views and visits while reclining in style. The on-site bar and lounge are comfortable and friendly but you are also situated in the middle of a great section of Portland so a short stroll in any direction will bring you to great dining establishments from Ruth’s Chris to Ben & Jerry’s, depending on your desires.

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545 SW Taylor Street, Portland, Oregon 97204

7. Hi-Lo Hotel, Autograph Collection

portland hotels hi lo hotel autograph collection

If Portland is nothing else, it is a city that is aware of its reputation and leans into it all the way.

One of the best hotels in Portland is the Hi-Lo, a Marriott Autograph property, and it is housed in a completely renovated and upcycled building, the first concrete building in town.

The interior design work celebrates this past while warming to Portland’s green present and leadership future with splendid success. There is a special quality to the love and care taken to bring Hi-Lo’s look to life.

Large, loft-style guest rooms and suites, the high ceilings, and heated floors are sure to give you an open-air feeling. The exposed concrete and reclaimed wood contrast in style and the locally crafted furnishings and accents all unify, coming together to showcase the beauty of Portland.

The central location is a great place to be when you’re just a few steps from a bevy of food trucks and outdoor revelry, but if you want to stay indoors tonight, dine at Hi-Lo’s CRAFTpdx, a restaurant that specializes in locally sourced and environmentally responsible farming. Adjoined to Hi-Lo us Huber’s Cafe.

A classically decorated spot with an old-school charm, it is another fantastic restaurant that highlights Portland’s unique Pacific Northwest menu of flavors.

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320 SW Harvey Milk Street, Portland, Oregon 97204

6. The Benson Portland

portland hotels the benson portland

Straddling on the corner of Portland’s popular districts, The Benson Portland is Downtown and a few steps from OldTown Chinatown, and a short stroll from the Pearl District.

When you stay at the Benson, you are staying at one of the best hotels in Portland while staying in the area to see all the best Portland has to offer.

Part of the Hilton’s Curio Collection, this top-notch hotel offers high fashion rooms for those looking to spend their time in Portland in luxury.

The Deluxe rooms come in single king or dual queens, as do the suites all the way up to the Presidential and the multiple penthouse suites which have a bit more opulence including authentic crystal light fixtures. Clean and spacious bathroom designs give the traveler plenty of room, and the common areas feel regal.

The Palm Court is a comfortable restaurant that offers all you’d ever want in American cuisine and a well-stocked and friendly bar. El Gaucho is a destination steakhouse for anyone in the Portland area.

This incredible steakhouse offers the finest in evening dining including their famous Flaming Sword Brochette created and presented table-side. For after the meal, a celebrated wine and cigar bar makes the evening complete.

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309 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97205

5. Hotel Lucia

portland hotels hotel lucia

Not only is the Hotel Lucia located within a historic 1909 building in downtown Portland, but it is one of the centrally sought-after artistic spots for photographers and artists alike.

The gallery is loaded with countless presentations of brilliant photographs taken by local artists and world-famous designers.

The Pacific Northwest is a great spot to point your camera and the designers of the Hotel Lucia have the best of that art curated on their walls.

Check into the rooms and find yourself ready to relax and take a breath of fresh air. The Deluxe rooms are smart and classic, the Premium rooms offer a bit more floor space and room to stretch out.

The Superior rooms have even more room and offer great views of the city. Stepping up to the Suites or the Gallery Penthouse means a plush and comfortable stay at one of the best hotels in Portland.

Can a hotel pizza spot be an exciting draw? It can if it’s Hotel Lucia’s Pacific Crust Pizza Company! Decorated and designed around the activities and athletics that Oregon has to offer, the food on the menu is full of local flavors and the restaurant itself is themed to encourage to get out there and get a taste of Portland.

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400 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97205

4. The Heathman Hotel

portland hotels the heathman hotel

Some buildings stand out in a city, and the 1927 iconic landmark structure that currently houses the modern and plush Heathman Hotel is one of those sights you see and recognize as essential Portland.

From the large “Portland” sign down the side and the dazzling “Heathman Hotel” marquee, this property is iconic.

Occupying the same block as the Orchestral Concert Hall and one block from the South Park Blocks and the Shemanski Park Farmer’s Market, there is no shortage of things to see and do when staying at the Heathman Hotel, one of the best hotels in Portland.

Deluxe and Premier rooms are finer than fancy rooms in other locations, the Corner room upgrade brings in plenty of space and a wonderful view. The Suites and Penthouses are larger than some small apartments!

The dark wood library lobby and the room’s regal decor and posh sense of style won’t stop you from bringing along your four-legged companions; the Heathman Hotel is pet friendly, will accommodate pet stays with bowls and bedding, as well as a bronze “doorman” statue of Zelda Wisdom, a Beefeater-dressed English Bulldog with a fresh and full water bowl for your pet.

For your end of the leash, you can walk in any direction from the Heathman and find fine fare for yourself.

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1001 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97205

3. Royal Sonesta Portland

portland hotels royal sonesta portland

You can get a posh and pleasant stay in one of the best hotels in Portland without having to take everything too seriously.

The Royal Sonesta Downtown Portland is one of those hip places that understand where they are located and how the public image of Portland is a tad more whimsical in nature than staunch or stuffy.

Without compromising a high-class stay, the Royal Sonesta brings a dash of fun and love along with the classy hotel accommodations.

Of the more than 220 rooms, a majority of them are spacious and well-appointed suites. The Deluxe and Corner guest rooms are decorated in an eclectic and fun style that matches the nature of the hotel. The Suites are a welcome expression of artistic display with interior design that never feels stuffy or stale.

The unique decor speaks volumes of the vintage and world-traveler aesthetic and is a comfortable setting in which to relax. The Grand Suite is 850 square feet and may have you feeling more at home than in any other hotel room you’ve ever stayed in.

Let the on-site staff massage your stress away at the Dosha 5th Avenue Spa, or grab a bite to eat in the Tavern, a surprisingly well-lit modern bar and restaurant that gives the outward appearance of the old dark pub.

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506 SW Washington Street, Portland, Oregon 97204

2. The Porter Portland

portland hotels the porter portland

If business brings you to the south end of downtown Portland, stay at the Porter, one of the best hotels in Portland and a monument to the beauty and constant development of the Portland people and their spirit.

parks in every direction, the Porter Portland is an oasis of delight in the heart of the city streets.

Designed and decorated with sleek and modern lines, this hotel pays homage to Portland’s growing and evolving style.

With twenty-one styles of room sizes and accommodations, the Porter prides itself on giving its guests a place to live, not just a place to stay. You can stretch out and relax, you can work at the amply sized desk, and enjoy premium coffee in every room.

The suites are available in one or two bedrooms, and the Presidential Suite is over 1000 square feet of luxury looking out over the Willamette below and the mountains in the distance.

Known for the diversity in dining choices, the Porter has everything you’d like to experience, from fine dining at Terrane Italian kitchen and bar, a fresh sandwich or picnic basket to go from the Portland Exchange Grocer & Goods, a scrumptious bit of pizza from Chiosco Pizza Window, or a great evening of drinks and spectacular views from the Xport Bar & Lounge.

The Porter Hotel Portland has everything you’re looking for.

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1355 SW 2nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201

1. Hotel deLuxe

portland hotels hotel deluxe

Hollywood golden age glamour, movie star style, tributes to the past while maintaining modern sleek performance, the Hotel deLuxe in west downtown Portland is a wonderful escape into the glitzy splash of the silver screen classics.

Everything from the name of the hotel to the specialized rooms is inspired by Hollywood legend, lore, and love.

DeLuxe was the name that brought color to film, and the Hotel deLuxe does the same by breathing vibrant life into this romanticized time in our past, a passion for the art deco days of Hollywood with first-class modern service.

They offer Petite rooms for those needing little space, Deluxe and Premium rooms for travelers with conventional needs, and the Studio and Premier Suites feel like a home bedroom, not a hotel room. The one-of-a-kind Marlene Dietrich Suite features a large circular bed, something that must be experienced to believe.

Step into the Driftwood Room where you will step back in time to the 1950’s cocktail lounge. This authentic vintage lounge has been serving since 1954, the decor has been polished and the amenities have been upgraded through the years but the feel is as close as you can get to sipping a cocktail with Clark Gable or Humphrey Bogart. Next door, breakfast and an excellent brunch are served at Gracie’s.

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729 SW 15th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97205

Our Final Thoughts: The Best Hotels in Portland Oregon

Finding yourself in Portland, Oregon, and looking for a place to stay can be a perplexing time because there just aren’t any “bad” hotels. The hospitality of the people in the City of Roses is famous and you can walk into any of these hotels and find yourself a guest in one of the best hotels in Portland.

Whether you are searching for an extended luxury stay with a view of the river and the mountains, or if you just need a great place to stay for the night before jetting off again in the morning, Portland has options in every class and every price range for the traveler of every type.

Come to Portland for business, for pleasure, or out of necessity, but come and stay and you will find that the spirit of Portland is alive and evolving, ready to embrace the times while maintaining a strong tie to the past that build it up to be one of the more unique cities you will ever visit.

The museums are here for your exploration, the menu is laid out for a quick bite or a celebratory meal at a posh fine dining restaurant, but stay here in the city at any of these hotels and you’ll quickly see why so many people fall in love with Portland.

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