Our Picks For The Top 10 Apartments In Portland Oregon 2022

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With spectacular sights available at every corner, a mild climate that closely mirrors a Mediterranean port, and a population of diverse citizenry, Portland, Oregon is among the growing cities in the United States, and for good reason, there is hardly a negative thing to say about the City of Roses and plenty to look forward to on your next visit or even your relocation here to this increasingly popular city.

With countless reasons to love the city, Portland has been a destination for many people looking for something new, something eclectic, but not something isolated. Portland has all that and more. Over a half-million residents call Portland home and that number grows every year.

Located at the northwest corner of the state, Portland is on the Oregon and Washington border, a three-hour drive into Seattle, but don’t believe you have to leave Portland to get in on the action, as its reputation and population have grown, more and more activities have centered on Portland, Oregon making it a star by its own right.

As you get to know the city and explore the neighborhoods, you may be looking for apartments in Portland Oregon to live in for a while before settling down and making a decision on where in the great Portland area you want to call home. Or perhaps you are one of the growing portions of adults that are bypassing the “traditional” home-ownership and apartment living is more your style.

No matter what your reasons are, you’re in luck. As Portland grows in size and popularity, the housing industry responded in kind with an increase in new luxury apartments and condos. As residents move into the newer apartments, the older accommodations are becoming more affordable.

So whether you are looking for the latest and greatest apartment with all the bells and whistles, or if you are looking for a more modest place to lay your head, we’ll take a look at some of the best picks for apartments in Portland, Oregon.

The Best Apartments in Portland Oregon

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Below are our picks for the top 10 best apartments in Portland Oregon. To snap directly to a specific location, please click the corresponding link in the list below.

  1. The Rodney
  2. Clermont Apartments
  3. Cedar Crest Apartments
  4. Dwell Apartments
  5. The Union
  6. Dean River
  7. 230 Ash
  8. Regency Apartments
  9. Kenton Commons
  10. Slabtown Flats

10. The Rodney

portland apartments the rodney

Located at 1470 NW Glisan Street, “The Rodney” is one of the better-known apartment buildings in Portland.

Situated between the high-end neighborhoods of the Pearl District and Old Town Chinatown, you’ll take advantage of city apartment living while still staying north of the 405.

This gorgeous building with clear and clean modern lines reflects a sense of artistic living, less that of an apartment and more of a high-rise residence. Studio apartments with single baths are available, the standard one bedroom/one bath, and the two-bedroom/two-bath, with four penthouse 2bed/2bath floor plans to choose from, each offering a remarkable view of the city.

If the penthouse isn’t within your budget, you can still get spectacular views as The Rodney has an outdoor rooftop sun deck set aside for gatherings, grilling, and other neighborly fun. Each apartment comes with stainless steel appliances including a microwave and washer/dryer.

The hardwood floors are easy to keep clean, the quartz countertops are a nice touch you don’t expect in that completes the high-tech kitchen look. Controlled access, a door attendant, concierge services, and on-site maintenance and staff make The Rodney a self-contained home that runs efficiently and smoothly.

Email | Instagram | Web | (503)-427-9254
1470 NW Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon 97209

9. Clermont Apartments

portland apartments clermont apartments

Clermont Apartments is more of a long-term stay, family apartment complex.

Located out and away from the city in the Oak Hills neighborhood at 1801 NW 143rd Avenue, the fast and hectic pace of the city is left behind and you can relax at home while still remaining part of the Portland, Oregon scene.

A wide variety of floor plan options await you at Clermont Apartments. There is a single bedroom single bath option if you only need space for yourself, or if you’re moving to Portland, Oregon with a family, the three-bedroom two-bath option will give you more space. Two bedroom floor plans come with dual or one and a half baths.

The pet-friendly nature of the Clermont Apartments has many families flocking to set up houses here. 24-hour gym equipment and high-speed wi-fi at the community center always have residents out and about enjoying a true sense of community.

These spacious apartments grant you more room compared to many apartments in Portland. Extra storage areas and large closets have space for all your belongings. Extra space is also available by way of single-car garages available if you need more than the existing covered parking for your vehicle.

Email | Instagram | Web | (833)-278-0311
1801 NW 143rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97229

8. Cedar Crest Apartments

portland apartments cedar crest apartments

If you are looking for an apartment in Portland, Oregon while attempting to stay outside of the city living, you’re looking at the nearby suburb of Beaverton.

Cedar Crest Apartments at 4800 SW Mueller Drive is a fantastic place to live to get that authentic “Portland” experience while remaining free of the city traffic and schedules.

Floor plans at Cedar Crest incorporate an open-air feeling freeing up just enough space to allow you to enjoy apartment living without feeling cramped. Vaulted ceilings add to this important sense of space. There are single, double, and three-bedroom apartments available, the three-bedroom having two baths, and the two-bedroom having single or double baths available.

Each apartment comes with a private balcony with a locked outdoor storage closet, perfect for putting away that gear that you don’t need or want cluttering up your large indoor closets. Fireplaces make for great relaxing evenings, and in-unit washers and dryers mean no trips to the community laundry center to finish the chores.

Outdoors, you have covered parking for your vehicle and a leash-free dog park for your pets. The indoor heated swimming pool means that you can get in some laps, or just enjoy some recreational swimming year-round.

Email | Instagram | Web | (833)-554-4155
4800 SW Mueller Drive, Beaverton, Oregon 97007

7. Dwell Apartments

portland apartments dwell apartments

To the south of the city center and just short of the convenience of the I-5, Dwell Apartments at 6810 SW 26th Ave are the ultimate in Portland, Oregon apartments for those professionals on the go.

The Hillsdale neighborhood offers a relaxed suburban lifestyle while remaining close to the city for short and stress-free commutes.

There are four floor plans to choose from at Dwell Apartments, but the variety is limited to a single bedroom, single bath apartments. That’s right, all the apartments at Dwell are single bedroom dwellings and while that may be a limiting factor for a large family, that very limiting factor may be a young professional looking for a quieter apartment complex with fewer distractions.

Amenities at Dwell Apartments are modern and sleek, just like the accommodations in the units themselves. Sheltered bicycle stations and apartment-assigned parking spaces ensure whether you bike or drive to work, you’ll always have immediate parking when you return home.

The swimming pool and laundry facilities are open to natural lighting keeping the spaces fresh and inviting, just as the dedicated green spaces located throughout the complex for relaxation under the sun, or perhaps a light picnic on the lawn. This pet-friendly apartment in Portland welcomes you into the quiet apartment living you have been looking for.

Email | Instagram | Web | (971)-269-0537
6810 SW 26th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97219

6. The Union

portland apartments the union

Locating a great apartment in Portland, Oregon is a fairly simple task as there are many viable options that will give you what you need, but we don’t think you’ll find an apartment in downtown Portland that will give you quite as much as The Union at 304 NE Multnomah Street.

In the Lloyd District just across the river from Old Town Chinatown and the Pearl District, The Union is centrally located to nearly everything in the greater Portland area.

Floor plans at the Union include more ground-floor commercial apartments, open plan studios, and a variety of single or double bedroom units, due to the unique shape of the building, some apartments are rather artfully designed to take advantage of corner floor space.

However, living right in the middle of downtown doesn’t mean you’ll be doing without the green life, oh not in Portland it doesn’t!

The Union may be a short walk from the convenience of recreational and shopping facilities, but also right around the corner from Holiday Park, the Eastbank Esplanade, and right across the river from the McCall Waterfront Park. Of course, if you want to visit the coffee shop, you don’t even have to leave the building, there is commercial retail on the ground floor.

Email | Instagram | Web | (833)-674-3292
304 NE Multnomah Street, Portland, Oregon 97232

5. Dean River

portland apartments dean river

As you leave the Portland center and head home to the southeast the Brooklyn neighborhood is still within the city but just out of the bustle of it all to allow you more room to breathe and relax.

The Dean River apartments at 3255 SE 17th Ave will allow you to kick back and feel comfortable while remaining in proximity to all the action Portland, Oregon has to offer.

The studio loft floor plan feels spacious with the large floor-to-ceiling windows bringing in natural light. The single bedroom floor plan is similar to the studio with an adjacent bedroom suite.

There are two dual-bedroom floor plans and a single layout for the three-bedroom apartments. All of them are modern and sleek, with top-of-the-line appliances and high ceilings mean you’ll never feel cramped in these open living designs.

If you are dedicated to living a greener eco-friendly lifestyle, Portland, Oregon is a great place to live, and there is no better residence than The Dean River apartments as the SE 17th & Rhine street MAX station stop is right outside your door meaning you’ll always have convenient and immediate access to Portland’s public transit network bringing you everywhere you wish to go in the city.

Email | Instagram | Web | (833)-735-1182
3255 SE 17th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97202

4. 230 Ash

portland apartments 230 ash

On the west bank of Portland, Oregon, and at the foot of the Burnside Bridge at Old Town Chinatown is the magnificent 230 Ash Apartment building at (not surprisingly) 230 SW Ash Street.

If you are looking for sleek, regal upscale Portland living, look no further and rent yourself a spot at 230 Ash, the address to have if you want to have it all.

In all, there are sixteen different floor plans at 230 Ash, all some variation of a studio apartment or a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment. There are no multi-family large accommodations available in the building. 230 Ash is dedicated to bringing the lifestyle of single-room, single residences to downtown Portland, Oregon.

The studios are larger than some other property’s full apartments, so you won’t be pressed for space at 230 Ash.

If you are one of those that appreciate fine craftsmanship, you may never have to leave your apartment to get a sense of the work ethic of Portland. Custom-designed and hand-crafted cabinetry, efficiently designed closets, and remarkable use of the floor space are all key in bringing the wood-grained appeal of the apartment alive.

The rooftop lounge offers fine views in every direction and the resident clubhouse is always abuzz with lively friendships with your neighbors.

Email | Instagram | Web | (503)-222-0034
230 SW Ash Street, Portland, Oregon 97204

3. Regency Apartments

portland apartments regency apartments

You really can’t get more centrally located to an apartment in downtown Portland, Oregon than the Regency at 1410 SW Broadway at the intersection of SW Columbia.

Right in the center of Portland State University and one block off the green spaces of the South Park Blocks, Regency Apartments are a popular address for those coming into Portland and looking for great apartments.

The building offers studio apartments in two distinct floor plans, each with a single bathroom. For those looking for a little more space, “Studio B” offers a substantially larger footprint over the “Studio A”.

All the apartments, regardless of which floor plan you choose, have spacious windows that take in plenty of natural light to open the space up. There is currently a waiting list to get into a Regency Apartment, so these studios have quite the reputation going for them.

Apartment living in Portland, Oregon has its own rewards when you live in the downtown area. Close proximity to all the necessary stores, shopping, parks, and all the rest downtown has to offer. Everything is a short walking distance on a bright and sunny day, and the Regency Apartments are conveniently located close to public transportation stops for those rainy days.

Email | Instagram | Web | (503)-224-2308
1410 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97201

2. Kenton Commons

portland apartments kenton commons

The north side of Portland, Oregon is a spectacular neighborhood to call home, especially if you find yourself requiring regular access to the Portland International Airport, or crossing the Columbia River over to Vancouver, Washington for work or leisure.

Kenton Commons Apartments are located at 8408 N. Brandon Avenue in the Kenton district, a quiet slice just on the outer limits of the city itself.

If you are looking for apartments in Portland, Oregon Kenton Commons has what you are searching for. Studios, lofts, commercial rental spaces, single bedroom floor plans with a single or double bathroom, and two-bedroom apartments or townhomes are available as well. The variety of configurations available for rent here all ensures you will find the apartment that best suits your needs and makes you comfortable.

Kenton Commons offers amazing spaces in their apartments, but based on their location you’ll likely be spending just as much time outdoors as Kenton Park is right across the street with trails, recreation areas, and a water play area for the kids.

These clean and sleek apartments come in many sizes but one thing all of them have in common is the feeling of being at home at Kenton Commons.

Email | Instagram | Web | (503)-283-5690
8408 N Brandon Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97217

1. Slabtown Flats

portland apartments the slabtown flats

North of the pristine neighborhoods of Nob Hill and the Pearl District on the West Bank of Portland, Oregon is the district known as Slabtown. The appeal of this northwest district is its proximity yet casual distance from the downtown activity.

Close enough to walk, far enough to relax. Slabtown Flats at 1885 Northwest Quimby Street exemplifies this attitude with a new building full of spectacular apartments ready for you to call home.

Spacious studio apartments larger than many apartments in Portland, Oregon, and six single bedroom single bath floor plans to choose from. If you are looking for two bedroom two bath accommodations, the four designs will fit your lifestyle from the compact to the expansive with a kitchen island in floor plan “D1” as there is room to spare in these luxurious modern apartments.

High ceilings, modern hardwood floors, classy and sleek kitchen appliances all make for a streamlined appearance that soothes and relaxes you in your new apartment home.

The in-unit washer and dryer give that extra home feeling as you newly forget you are in an apartment at Slabtown Flats. Venture up to the rooftop terrace to share in the views and activities with your fellow residents while taking in the beauty of the city you’ve come to call your home.

Email | Instagram | Web | (503)-841-6818
1885 NW Quimby Street, Portland, Oregon 97209

Our Final Thoughts: Apartments in Portland Oregon

It is true that you can find an apartment in any city, but the apartments in Portland, Oregon are as diverse as their population. Whatever you are searching for, you will find it in the growing city of Portland.

Some apartments are streamlined for a single resident looking for a no-frills residency with minimal distractions while others are searching for a lovely place to call home for their large family. Search high and low, our picks for the top apartments in Portland give you a well-rounded feel for what is available in this fine city.

Where the forest meets the streets, Portland is known as a quiet city that attracts a diverse and eclectic population. As this quality grows, the housing community is reacting by building up new accommodations to meet this influx need. As new and pristine complexes are designed and built, the old units are retro-fitted and modernized to meet the need of those looking for less “sleek” and more “comfy”.

Portland, Oregon is growing and as we fill this beautiful city with people looking for something new, something clean, something excellent, any one of these apartments on our list would meet and far exceed your expectations. Apartments in Portland, Oregon are plenty, but once you select where you live, you quickly find Portland is an easy place to call home.

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